Saturday, March 27, 2010

Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon

Last summer I made a goal to run a half marathon after running in the Tour de Carrboro (a three race series: a 4 mile, 8K, and 10K). The first person I told other than Rylan that this was a goal was my mother in law, Jaima. I remember feeling nervous about saying it out loud in case it didn't happen. However after the first Carrboro race, I was hooked. I love having something to work towards, something other than just burning calories, to motivate me. Speed does not interest me as much as the challenge of long distances. I started training for this race specifically at the beginning of the year. We had a few obstacles with snow and sickness and I started to worry I wasn't going to make it. However, when a dear friend passed away much too young, I thought, what if I didn't have a tomorrow to realize my dream? "Carpe Diem", right? So I registered in February and was committed! Registration Fees are not cheap and the only thing I hated worse than the idea of wasting that money was not running the whole way!

So yesterday I did it! 13.1 miles! It was great. Actually the hardest miles were 4 and 5. Miles 1-3 flew by with the excitement of the race. But then I started to feel the effects of a week of insomnia (perfect timing huh...I am sleeping like a baby now!). But by mile 6 I got in a groove and really enjoyed miles 6-11. At the 11 mile marker, I thought " Sure I am tired but only 2 miles left...just take it a mile at a time. No problem." So I ran and ran and kept waiting for the 12th mile marker. Eventually I thought, "this is the longest mile of my life...will it never come?" Then I turned a corner and realized I was a quarter mile from the finish line. What a surprise! I must have missed the marker, but I was thrilled. I ran the whole way! It took me about 2 hours 20 minutes but they haven't posted times yet so I am not exactly sure. So hurray! I accomplished my goal. I feel truly grateful to my Heavenly Father for a healthy body and another day on this earth to set and achieve my goals. Now I just need a new one! Any ideas?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stateside Drive Batallion

We love Stateside Drive. Sure there are the summer theater productions, Christmas caroling, Labor Day Picnics, and Halloween Haunted Ship Parties. But on top of that, what also makes it a fabulous place is the day to day stuff. On any given weekday from 2:30 till around 5pm you will likely find the Stateside Drive kids playing outside on the playground, in the woods, at the basketball hoop, etc. Rylee is usually the only girl, but she sure does keep up with the boys! They come up with the most creative games and the boys do try their best to find a place for Rylee...such as when they play Star Wars. The boys are usually storm troopers and Rylee is Princess Leah. Although sometimes she is a warrior right along with them.
Yesterday this took on a whole new meaning:

Presenting the Stateside Drive Battalion!

Ben was their leader. Their artillery consisted of 4 big sticks, a real-pretend rifle, and a hockey stick.

Ben taught them how to aim...

...and fire...

...and CHARGE!!!

Apparently not all of them made it!
And what did the impressionable Landon think about all of this?
"Guys wait up!"

He lined up right along beside them.
The south has risen least on Stateside Drive!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A new do!

I had been wanting to cut Rylee's hair for quite sometime. It was usually in a ponytail or pigtails and while that looked cute, it also was a pain to wash and dry. However, Rylee and Rylan did not like the idea. But then one day Rylee decided she was on board. I jumped at the chance. Within 5 minutes it was cut. In the end Rylee and Rylan loved it and I spent the evening in disbelief that I had just cut over 6 inches (the back is shorter than the front) of beautiful hair off of my little girl. But it has been a few weeks now and I am not looking back. It was very pretty long, but it is cute short and much easier!
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Daddy's Girl

Rylee has been doing great in school especially with her spelling. She often wants us to tell her if she is right when she spells something. However, my favorite is when she just does her best even if its not perfect...such as when she is in her room for time out and can not even ask for help. Such circumstances produce the following:

"I Love you Dadda.

For you Dadda.

I love you Dadda.

From Rylee

Love Rylee

I love you Dadda.

I’m soree theat I wus being not gud.

From Rylee"

How can you stay upset after that? Especially when out of all the sentences she could have chosen when it was her turn for morning message she chose the following:

Definitely a Daddy's Girl!
I painted a tree in Landon's room! I was pretty happy with how it turned out considering I have never painted anything. It was supposed to have leaves but in the end I decided to leave it bare.

I am putting together a Baby book for Landon and figured I would document it along with other pictures of Landon's Room.

This is my favorite corner of the room and seat in the house...this is wear all the snuggling takes place!

We can't forget to pay tribute...even this year!
So while I was busy taking pictures...this little guy was working busily at my feet!

This is a daily event in our house...the only thing that varies is if it is the pots and pans, the DVD's, the books on the bookshelf, the toilet paper roll, etc. I should probably baby-proof things but it keeps him occupied for a few moments and he just has so much fun doing it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

So, I thought I would post a picture...even if it was just one, just in case anyone still checks let them know, yes, we are still alive and along with the spring season, my desire to blog is starting to bloom. So stay tuned for an attempt to catch up over the next week or so!

It's kinda ridiculous how cute this little guy is...I mean his eyelashes literally reach up and touch his eyebrows! Definitely a Hansen trait. Although I wish he could say he got it from me and that I could have eyelashes like that!

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