Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a sport!

Landon had to get tubes in his ears today. Although it was a common surgical procedure it did require him to have general anesthesia, which needless to say, makes me happy to have it safely behind us. He was a real sweetheart in his little hospital gown before the surgery. The nurses were smitten with him. Coming out of the anesthesia was hard for the poor little guy and he threw up quite a bit. But after a three hour nap he felt much more like himself. Hopefully a little better, so we can all get some sleep. Two months of ear infections = a household of sleepy Hansens. But hopefully things will be improving over the next few weeks.
I took these pictures on my phone, hence the poor quality.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Landon's First Pumpkin

On Friday Landon had his first encounter with a pumpkin.
He was instantly captivated!
When big sister showed him the wonderful goop inside......
...he was all the more intrigued.

So we put him on the floor and let him discover it on his own.

So began two taste tests!

Hmm, not so good, let's try that again!

Okay, the verdict is in...Landon does not find raw pumpkin tasty! But he sure loved the pumpkin bread we made later and playing inside the pumpkin was splendid!
Needless to say, he ended up in the tub because he was covered in pumpkin from head... toe!
One of the best Halloween moments ever!