Sunday, October 28, 2007

Duke's Ducks

Aren't these gals gorgeous! Aidan, the oldest, was my flower girl when she was a little younger than Rylee! It's hard to believe! Rylee is so happy to have her girl cousins now live so close to us (well, close as in Georgia compared to Utah). We will be spending Christmas with them and can't wait! This was on the last day of their visit. We went to Duke Gardens.

If you look closely at this photo, you will notice that the geese are not even remotely interested in the bread that Rylee is desperately trying to feed them! Apparently, the ducks and geese at Duke Gardens are overfed and tired of stale bread. So, if you go there intending to feed the ducks you might want to try something a little more enticing! Caviar maybe? Who knows, maybe you aren't even supposed feed the ducks there but we didn't see a sign. Maybe its just because they are Duke's ducks!

The Beach in October!

So, the week after the wedding, Rylan's parent (from Utah) and Ry's sister, Daina and family (from Georgia) came to visit. We packed a lot into their trip. We went to Seagrove, NC to look at North Carolina pottery.
Rylee is tracing the letters with her finger. Rylee and her Grandpa
We also took a day trip to Wrightsville Beach, NC. Need I remind you it is OCTOBER! If Rylan's parents had stayed in Utah on Saturday the 20th, they would have been shoveling snow. Instead, they were walking barefoot on the beach! It was a gorgeous day. We must have swam in the water for 3 or 4 hours. It was warm and sunny. We boogie boarded, swam, built sand castles, and soaked up the sun!

After a fun and sun filled day, Rylee was exhausted. But before falling asleep on the car ride home, she and Mairyn donned makeup from Mairyn's new makeup kit. As you can see, blush was a popular choice. This all happened in the Romney car (Rylan's sister) which was soon after labeled the "fun car". (Needless to say, Ry and I were not in the fun car. And while we were not given the name officially, I could not help but think that this made ours the "unfun car"). At the end of the day, it was all I could do to get the sand, the salt, and the makeup off of Rylee. If how dirty you are is somehow proportional to how much fun you've had, than this was probably one of the best days of Rylee's life!

Congrats Renee and Joel!

Its been a while since my last post. We have been busy! One of my best friends, Renee, is now Mrs. Renee Leonard. She had a gorgeous wedding and as you can tell, she looked stunning! Which leads me to describe the photo. The reception was held at The Carolina Inn and in the middle of Renee's dance with her father, the fire alarm went off! We all had to be evacuated. The firetrucks came and Renee and Joel got this one-of-kind picture taken with the firefighters. For a moment, I was worried that it would be upsetting for Renee, but as you can see, both bride and groom are in great spirits! After 10 or 15 minutes we all filed back into the reception hall and the rest of the evening was flawless! I know this is one of those stories they will look back on and laugh! The other photo is Ry and I at the rehearsal dinner which I added after realizing I had not posted one of the two of us together. Congrats to Renee and Joel!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We moved to a new apartment in August. We have been pleasantly surprised by how much we like our new place. We didn't really think we wanted to move because we liked our old apartment. But when they raised the rent by 10% after only one year, we decided to try to find someplace a little more affordable. In the end I think it was meant to be. We really like living here at Baity Hill (aka "Student Family Housing"...when Rylan went to buy a parking pass he told the officer he needed a parking pass for "married student housing" and the officer curtly reminded him "You mean student family housing!" Rylan was like "Oh right.") Anyways, one thing Rylan and I like is that all of our utilities are included in our rent...cable, internet, gas, water, electric, phone...everything! So recently we have enjoyed sleeping at night with the air conditioning at 70 degrees and taking slightly longer, slightly hotter showers! Also, the apartments are only 2 years old so they feel very new and clean. Rylee, on the other hand, could care less about these things. Her favorite part is the view of campus. What she loves the most is the view of the hospital...particularly the helicopter landing pad. Almost everyday we see the helicopter take off and land. Pictured is the hospital she built with her blocks, complete with helicopter pad. Now she tells people we live in the "city". I don't know if living on the other side of town puts us in the "city" category but we like it and for now, it's home.