Monday, February 25, 2008

Ballet Update

Rylee loves ballet!

Sorry I couldn't change the orientation, but (of course
I think) it's worth turning your head!

You try saying Chasse' (sha-SAY) 3 times fast.
Rylan and I found out its not as easy as it seems!

Take a bow!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

No, she was not playing dress up...

The weather lately has left me feeling a little bit like Rylee must of felt when she dressed herself the other day: Do I wear my capris or my Rudolph turtleneck, my sandals or my mittens, my socks get the idea. One day I felt like spring had already arrived and I am wearing a T-shirt and the very next day I am pulling out the scarfs which I packed only the day before because I thought it was spring! Oh well, a little variety is better than day after day of bitter cold and it made for a cute picture anyways!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We are addicted. For those who have already played with us and are interested in purchasing the game, here is the website:
For those you have not, we need to play ASAP. Rylan's brother got us this game for us for Christmas. We have played it almost every weekend that Rylan hasn't had to study all weekend. It is made in Rylan's hometown of Kaysville, UT and apparently you can't buy it anywhere but the website. It's wackee and its fun! You can play with up 2-12 people, but playing with 12 is our goal, cause the more people you play with, the wackier it gets! Thanks Jaron and Kristin! What a great gift!