Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family Weekend

This weekend Rylan's parents came from Utah and sister Daina's family came from Georgia. We are always excited to have family come to visit! This visit was extra special because it was the first time everyone got to meet Landon. Until this weekend, the only people outside of our immediate family to meet him were my Mom and my Grandpa Fraser (who recently passed away). So it was fun to pass him around and have him win everyone over with his sweet smiles and coos!

On Saturday Rylan took us on a tour of the Dental School.

I think a real patient would not have been impressed by Rylee's lack of respect for personal space.
Mark, Daina, and Aidan tried on Ry's loupes to get a (much) closer look.

It was fun to see where Rylan spends most of his time...

...and to see him at work!

On Sunday was Landon's blessing. We were so happy to have some or our family in town!
We missed those of you couldn't be here!

The men in our family that participated in the blessing. Thanks guys!
My two guys looking handsome!

My sweet baby boy! My Mom and Dad bought Landon's blessing outfit in Italy the summer before my Dad passed away in hopes that someday one of their grandsons would wear it. And both of my brothers and I were swaddled in this blanket our own blessing days! These two special items really added meaning to the day!
So happy to be a family of four!

After church we had a cookout at our house! Rylan manned the grill as usual!

We just wanted to show our family who could not be here what they are missing! Just kidding...but we do want everyone to know we are willing to cook for anyone who will come or not!
My mom brought a cake from Whole Foods that was so rich and delicious! It even had Landon's initials, although he wasn't quite strong enough to lift his head up to smile for the photo! Thanks Mom!
It was a great weekend and I could have posted a lot more pictures of everyone taking turns holding Landon and just hanging out but I figured that this was enough pictures for one post. Kenyon, Jaima, Daina, Mark, Aidan and Mairyn: thanks for coming to visit! It was great to see you all and I hope its not too long before we see you again!Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 16, 2009

A really BIG deal!

Landon Kole is now two months old! He weighed in last week at a whopping 13 pounds 11 ounces, putting him in the 90th percentile for weight and the 75th for height. I saw a baby outfit at Costco on Friday that said "I am a really BIG deal" and I thought "this was made for our baby!" I love how healthy and chubby he has gotten except for the fact it feels like I blinked and the newborn stage was over. He has been wearing 3-6 months clothes for almost 2 weeks already. We love all of his chubby rolls and Rylan has nicknamed him "Bubs" and "Chief".
He is such a cuddly little guy. I try to lay down everyday for a nap with him not just because I am tired but because I can get enough snuggle time with this little one. And I know this won't last forever! Speaking of sleeping, Landon has not quiet figured out that it is ok to sleep more at night. I usually get one 31/2 hour stretch and from there it is every 2-3 hours. This is the one area I feel like there is lots of room for improvement. Landon is also a very spitty baby. He is such an enthusiastic eater that I think he overeats and then can't hold it all down! I try what I can to slow him down but it usually doesn't make a difference. We took this picture because we thought it was funny that Landon ALWAYS has on a bib even when he is naked (plus it shows off his fantastic physique he has been working so hard for). The bib is just as necessary as the diaper in order to contain what feels like constant spewing! Landon really began smiling and cooing within the past week and or two. He has a little dimple in his chin which we think is so handsome!

This video clip gets a little long. I haven't figured out how to edit our videos yet but most of the cute stuff is at the beginning ( I mean we think it is all cute of course!).
oops...posted by Rachael...again!

Monday, March 9, 2009

White Coat Ceremony

On Friday night, Rylan received his white coat. It was an exciting night for the whole family!

The following excerpt was taken from the program:
"The White Coat Ceremony symbolizes the transition of the DDS Class of 2012 from preclinical coursework to clinical education--providing care for patients. The white coat serves as a reminder to students that it is a privilege and an honor to assume responsibility for the oral health care of citizens of North Carolina and beyond. The coat, which is embossed with the wearer's name, also is a symbol of the leadership and competence the student has exhibited thus far and will continue to develop throughout his or her dental education. The wearer of the white coat is expected to strive for excellence and compassion in all aspects of their professional life."

Congratulations Rylan! We love you and are so proud of you! Now get to work!

(This was posted by Rachael...despite the fact it says it was posted by Rylan.)
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

The Tarheels beat Dook tonight! Our little Tarheel slept through the whole game but he sure looked super cute!
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Like the Shirt! Love the smiles!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I guess we live in a flood zone...

We knew there was a creek bed behind our house but we didn't know that our house was sitting in the middle of it. After it rained all night and all day there was an inch of standing water all around the house and a river along with a nice pool of water that was about two feet deep.

Later that night it started to snow and this is what we woke up to the next morning.

Three days later it was 76 degrees...crazy weather.
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