Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Family Pictures

We had some totally last minute family photos taken while we were in Utah this summer (more to come on our trip). We always have pictures taken in the fall but then we are always in NC with sweaters or scarves on. It was nice to have these taken in the summer in a local Kaysville orchard in our bare feet. Rylan's cousins referred us to Emily, who was so kind to fit us in her busy schedule and did a great job. We had a hard time choosing our favorite, so we posted quite a few. You will notice there are no pictures of Rylee and Landon together however. We were lucky to get a few family shots....he was just done after that.

I love Landon's smile, can we say a little forced?

My favorite one of Rylee:

One of my most favorites:

We will end with Miss Personality!

Myrtle Beach

I was looking through my posts and realized I had written this post a while back but never published it. So here it is:

[Earlier in the summer] Rylan had a dental convention in Myrtle Beach. The idea was that we were supposed to trade off between him and I attending some continuing education classes but in the end he only did one class and while I went to the outlets! The rest off the time we played on the beach and at the pool. We also went to a few dinners and a party with friends/students who were also attending the conference. Rylee was still in school and spent two nights at Grandma's, so it was just Landon and Ry and I. We really enjoyed spending time with Landon alone. I get lots of time to do that while Rylee is in school but Rylan does not because by the time he is home, so is Rylee. Obviously, we enjoy having Rylee around too, it was just a nice opportunity you don't always get with a second child. Landon was in heaven the whole weekend. Here he is the first morning having breakfast on the balcony...eight stories up!
He loved it but it made me soooo nervous every time.
On our trip to Emerald Isle the month before Landon did not even want to touch the water. But this time he loved it.

On Saturday morning the convention hosted a 5K on the beach so I ran that while Ry and Landon played on the beach. It was actually my first 5K...and it was on sand. I have yet to do a "normal" one but I think I will this fall.
All in all our favorite part was just enjoying time with our little boy and seeing the awe and wonder of the ocean through his eyes.