Friday, April 18, 2008

Pictures in Grandma's Garden

We took these pictures last Sunday after church at my mom's house. Aren't the dogwoods gorgeous!?! Dogwoods are the white flowered trees in the background and are NC's state flower. I love this time of year, especially in NC!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Book Tagged

So, Daina tagged Rachael for this thing, but this is Rylan responding (yes, for the first time! I'm blogging, look I'm blogging! That's a little Bob Wiley for anyone wondering what the heck I'm talking about. Anyway where was I?) So the idea is to grab the closest book to you and turn to page 123 and find the fifth sentence on that page, post it and tag five other people. The closest book to me was Introduction to Genetic Analysis 9th Edition which I am reading right now for Biology 202 (Genetics). It just happens to be one of my all time least favorite books ever! If you haven't read it I definitely do not suggest it, bu dum bum (That's my little "Reading Rainbow" plug-in). It takes an enormous amount of endurance and patience to get used to the language of the book, and I don't mean bad words, I mean boring words. Anyway, the fifth sentence reads, "The normal eye color of Drosophila is red, but strains in which all flies have brown eyes are available." What the heck? Ok, so let's discuss this important part of the book. This is when the book reaches it's climax, it is talking about the wonderful world of Drosophila (that's a species of flies) and the difference in eye color due to mutations. Isn't that exciting! Ok, not really, I understand, that is exactly how I've felt the entire semester. I hope I don't offend any Genetics majors out there, but seriously, NEVER TAKE THIS CLASS!!! Ok, I feel better, that was fun. I guess, I will tag: Karen (or Adam if he is still allowed to blog), Julie (if she still looks at our blog), Jeff Maxwell, Nate Peterson, Byron Kubik, and Phillip Bush (If any of them actually read these things). Well, thank's for your time. I apologize if you don't feel uplifted and inspired to read something. --Rylan

Monday, April 7, 2008

Easter...a little late!

So, we are a little late for posting pictures from Easter. I have started working 2 or 3 days a week which has left me feeling much busier than usual. I am finally starting to get used to the new schedule though, so hopefully I will do better at posting. Anyways, so forgive me for having to play catch up!
One of the best things about the Easter Egg Hunt this year was that Davis, our sweet little nephew, really enjoyed his first year of "hunting" for eggs! He couldn't have cared less about what was inside the eggs but he laughed each time he found one and plopped it into the bucket. Then, when he wasn't looking, Lance would steal the same eggs back out of the bucket and re-hide them. Davis never even realized and was just as excited the second time! It prolonged the enjoyment and he just was so cute!
When it was Rylee's turn, she had her own "strategy"...using binoculars. She was certain she would have never found all of the eggs without them! Brilliant!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Welcome Spring!

We love going to Duke Gardens! However, we have a bad habit of only going when we have company from out of town and not going when its just the three of us. So we decided to end that streak and are going to try to go once a month this year. What a beautiful place! Right now all of the tulips and dogwoods are in bloom. Soon come the azaleas and then the roses! I am not a gardening buff and I certainly do not have a green thumb (as Rylan can attest to) . However, it is amazing to consider the planning, work, and architect that goes into designing such a large garden where something is always in bloom!
Rylan took a bunch of pictures of Rylee and I because he says I am never in our photos (since I am always the one behind the camera). Then we looked for some one who could take a picture of the two of us. It was like the gardens were suddenly deserted and we could not find anyone. We realized our only chance was to hand our camera over to Rylee, who couldn't have happier. In the end, we thought she did a pretty good job...this photo is uncropped! While its not my favorite picture of Rylan and I, we are centered in it and the camera remained intact. We thought it was hilarious! She also took the picture of the flower below...she was very proud of herself!