Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween 2010

I know we are a little late posting these...but I know when it comes to photos...its never too late...especially for Grandparents that live far away! So here's to you, Jaima and Kenyon! I hope Kansas is treating you well! XOXO!

For Halloween this year we decided to dress up as a family. My 3 favorite parts of all of our costumes:
#1-Tink's Shoes-Rylee and I made these together!
#2-Wendy's bangs that curl inward (did people really do that?)
#3-Peter Pan's green tights-probably the only time I will be able to get away with putting green tights on my son!

Once Landon tasted one of his trick or treat candies, he quickly got the hang of it, as is evident by the fist fulls of Crunch and the messy face.

Rylee went to more house this year than ever before and actually accepted the candy at each house she went to...unlike one previous year when she had enough candy but still wanted knock on people's doors to say hi!


Kenyon and Jaima said...

what a fun Halloween,love the pictures!

Natalie said...

Love the costumes! I just think it is so great when a family is all dressed in a theme.

alananddanielle said...

That's a fun Halloween! What was Rylan? Merry Christmas to you guys!